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Reiki One Course Details:

During the course students receive four attunements and begin to develop their ability to channel Reiki healing energy. At this level people are able to and encouraged to give Reiki to themselves, family and friends. There will be time to learn more about Reiki and the variety of applications, including those on animals and plants.

Session 1:

The History of Reiki

Training and Structure of Reiki

Explanation of what Reiki is.

What is healing?

Our physical and energy bodies and how they relate to illness and injury.

First of four attunements.

Session 2:

The Reiki Principles

Self-cleansing techniques; Reiki Shower, Hatsurei-ho.

Second of four attunements.

Self-healing; importance and practice.

Using Reiki creatively; animals, plants, food, drink, inanimate objects, self development.

Session 3:

Hatsurei-ho practice.

Third of four attunements.

Treating others; what, how and preparation.

Equipment you may need.

Contra-indications and cautions.

Demonstration and practice; seated.

Session 4:

Short Meditation

Fourth of four attunements.

Demonstration and practice; full treatment lying on a therapy couch.

Question and answer session.

Closing Circle


This course either runs over two full days or 4 half day (4 hour) sessions. A course manual is provided and ongoing support. The cost will be £150.

I can arrange for this to be run with accommodation  which will be charged at cost, alternatively if you are a group of 4 or more I am happy to travel to you.