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The Holistic Mermaid Mevagissey       Cornwall  harmony & balance for the whole self Tel: 07883 096116

Reiki Master/Shinpiden Course:

Next course dates; Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th February at Bodrugan Barton near Mevagissey. If you have far to travel I would advise you to attend as a residential student as the course requires a great deal of intensive work and practice. There will be evening sessions on the Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

This is a Level III Reiki Master Course where you will be taught and practice the skills to attune your own Reiki students and be attuned to the Master Symbol, is with all of my courses you will learn techniques from both the Western and Advanced Japanese Lineages.

This is a very advanced course and is only open to students who have been practicing at Reiki Level 2 for at least two years. Also called Shinpiden as you will be going through the Advanced Japanese teachings in addition to the Western Lineage. Shinpiden is referred to as 'Mystery Teachings' and is a much deeper level of attunement and practice.

Students are encouraged to prepare for this course, daily Reiki self practice is advisable. You may also find it helpful to reduce the intake of any stimulants such as coffee and tobacco. Clearing your energy systems by following a greater or exclusive vegetarian diet will also help.

Included in the course:

Overview of Reiki I&II

Western and Advanced Japanese Techniques

Practitioner Training

Running a Business

Legal Responsibilities

Human Energy System

Cleansing Techniques & Psychic Protection

Scanning Techniques

Aura cleansing with Reiki (Psychic Surgery)

Master Attunement & Symbol

Reki 1, 2 & 3 Attunement process

Symbol Practice

Running a Reiki Share Group

Reiju Empowerment Technique

Hatsurei-Ho Meditation


The course fee includes three days teaching and practice, support before and ongoing after the course, lunch, refreshments. £100 deposit to secure your place.

Non residential fee £300.

Residental fee £555 (full board).

Reiki Master Course